Atmospheric Measurements

Instruments for optical detection of various phenomena in the upper atmospheric layers

Air Glow Photometer

  • Instrument to monitor airglow emission in the lonospheric-F region, (Occurring because of the presence of atomix oxygen)
  • The unit can cover the visible atmosphere from any point, in all available directions
  • System operation
    • Upper level instrument light collector and collimator to collect and collimate incident emissions
    • Orientation system to direct collector/collimator system towards any part of the sky in the vertical and horizontal planes.
    • The collimated energy detected in 7 wavelength bands either directy or through filters to detectors
    • The detected data is time stamped labeled and stored in a database system
  • Control
    • The system is automatically operated by programme cycling covering the following functions:
    • Raising and lowering of mirror unit
    • Rotation of mirror in both planes
    • Rotation of filter plate to position filter
    • Data collection
    • The unit can operate un-attended as per programme.
  • Construction
    • Integral, single frame housing
    • Filters and detection system housed in a temperature controlled ambient to +/- 0.5 deg. C (as may be required)

Air Glow Photometer Parts

  • Mechanicals: Gers, pinions, mechanical parts, frame parts, sliders, ball screw, bellows
  • Thermoelectrics: TE Modules, thermal grease, heat sinks, fans, controls, insulation
  • Electricals & Controls: Fan, transformer, relays, switches, instruments, electrics, electrical parts

Maintenance - Air Glow Photometer

  • Comprehensive maintenance services
  • Warranty provided with new unit
  • Supplies: All parts

Installation in:

  • NARL, Tirupati
  • EGRL, Tirunelveli
  • Dibrugarh Univeristy, Dibrugarh

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