Colour Analysis

Analysis of a colouring materials to understand its behaviour to deduce its components:


  • Standardizing the composition of colouring materials
  • Quality control
  • Analytical work
  • Alternate compositions
  • Weathering test benchmarking

Colour Analysis & Management Solutions

The best, most complete, most flexible: colour management software
  • Largo Synergy M3

    The Largo Synergy M3 system components are useful to the research and development colour lab, control of raw material, tinting strength, opacity etc during the process

  • Largo Synergy Q3

    The Largo Synergy Q3 system components are useful to the research and devel opment colour lab, incoming raw material check, during production process to final product control before delivery. It provides you with an accurate, flexible and user-friendly tool from start to finish.

  • LargoMatch 2000 PN

    Full Paint colour management system - easy to use Microsoft Windows environment, with possibilities to customize using macros or passwords.

  • LargoTintâ„¢ 2000

    Software for recipe handling and tinting machine control for retail, production and laboratory use

  • Colour Management Software also available for:
    • Plastics
    • Inks
    • Woodstains

Colour Management Services

  • Providing dE values between different range of samples
  • Creating shade library
  • Evaluation of Paint & Coating Samples at our ISA Lab
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