About Autocascade Cryogenics

The ISA Autocascade cryogas is the newest & best among the cryogas solutions available world wide.

This unique gas mixture, developed from a deep understanding of autocascade operations, is one that works as a drop-in replacement for other refrigerants for cryo temperatures: works better, faster, cooler and easier.

ISA Cryogas Auto cascade Refrigerants [Patented]

ISA CryogasFor use in Cryocooler Models
T1Add-in for machines using a Cryogas or a mixed cryo-refrigerant
R2-BPFC-550/552, TVP1000
R2-CPFC-650/660/670/662/672, VTC Cryo-6, SCP-1150CH, TVP2000, VP-1000C, VP-1000H
R3-BPFC-1100/1101, VTC Cryo-11, SCP-2000CH, 3000LPCH, 3000LPCD, 3000LP, ICP-11
R3-CPFC-1102, TVP3500

  • For 4 to 5 stage Autocascade cryocoolers & water vapour cryopumps
  • For use in a variety of cryocoolers
  • Drop-in replacement for any other autocascade refrigerant
  • Zerol or Solest Lubricant
  • Add-in refrigerant for other autocascade refrigerants
  • Improves performance

Amazing Features

  • The Performance
    • Excellent cooling performance
    • Excellent on-load performance
    • Low discharge pressure under load
    • Compressor runs cool
  • For The System
    • Lower balance pressure requirement than standard PMRs (typically 10% less)
    • Less gas weight than any comparable gas
  • A Universal Gas
    • No need to modify a machine to use
  • ISA Cryogas
    • Add-in gas charge available for raising balance pressure & improving performance
    • Use as Add-in in any operating cryocooler with even other mixed gas cryo refrigerants [please enquire]

Technical Data

  • Zero chloro-fluoro-carbons
  • Fast cooling to -100 deg.C.
  • Stand-by mode -153 deg.C. or lower
  • Cool mode typically to -126 deg.C.
  • Low ODP of < 0.07
  • Low GWP of ~ 4,000

Cylinder Specifications

Cylinder type-Welded steel sheet
Valve type-Standard refrigerant valve (high quality as per IS 3224)
Test pressure -45 kg/cm2
Service pressure allowed-26.71 kg/cm2
ISA filling pressure-21.1 kg/cm2 (max)
Liquid % (max)-40%
The above are guideline levels and the actual filling may vary from cylinder to cylinder

ISA Cryogas used on:

  • Ion-Tek
  • Polycold
  • Telemark
  • Korea Vac-Tec
  • Samsung
  • V-Plus
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