Thermoelectric Power Generator

ISA Thermoelectric Generator (ISA TEG-Demo 25) an electrically powered unit, is made for use in a lab environment, for the purpose of studying the performance of a thermoelectric power generating system at different parameters, ultimately aiming at understanding the feasibility of generating power from the heat available from any equivalent heat source.

The experimenters can try various operating parameters, different peltier models and heat sinks and observe long term performance of a wide range of parameters.

The unit is designed and made so as to enable easy study, operation, experimentation and understanding of peltier power generation in a laboratory.

System Construction and Features

  • Mechanical

    The Thermoelectric power generator is held in a System frame, which also houses the generator, peripherals and the instrumentation and controls.

  • Thermoelectric

    TE modules are positioned on either side of a conductive heater block. The heater block is provided with an integral heater capable of raising the temperature of the block to a maximum of 220 deg.C. The non-contact parts of the block are insulated with ceramic wool to prevent heat loss.

    The other side (cold side) of each module is the cold side of the system. On this side the module surface terminates in individual heat sinks along with fans

  • Active Heat Rejection

    The cold side is maintained, typically, between 40 to 45 deg.C. The objective of providing fans is to ensure constancy of the cold side temperature, rather than being a control factor. However other temperatures can be maintained for experimental work.

  • Output

    The output of the module set, is in a series-parallel combination of 2 parallel groups each of 3 TEG modules in series. The output is connected to an adjustable load resistor.

  • Instrumentation

    The instrument panel is provided with displays for:

    • Temperature of each cold and hot side
    • Input voltage and current to the heaters
    • Output DC voltage and current

Thermoelectric Power Generator: Specifications

  • Heat Source: Electrical energy
  • Electrical - Voltage - 230VACĀ±5% single phase, 50Hz.
    - Current - 15A @ 230 VAC (would vary slightly with voltage)
  • Environment - Temperature: 20 deg.C to 40 deg.C maximum.
Special systems can be designed and supplied

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